Grooming Services

Full Groom

Dog Grooming Services Cheltenham, Dog Groomer Services.
  • Brush out
  • Bath and blow dry
  • Coat tidy (clip)
  • Sanitary trim
  • Ear clean
  • Claws clipped

See price list page for details

Interim Groom

  • Sanitary trim
  • Ear clean and trim
  • Nail clip and paw tidy
  • Bath and blow dry

Bath and blow dry

Claw Clip 

Puppy Introductions

Grooming is important for all dogs, and it’s great to start with your puppy when it’s young – that way grooming will be a positive experience from a young age. The Dusty Dog offers a 3-step puppy grooming introduction to help them get used to being groomed. The cost of the 3-step puppy package is £40. This includes:

  1. Their first visit (15-20mins) includes a short play session in the garden and in and around the salon to familiarise your puppy with a new environment. I will introduce the sounds of the salon – the bath, the dryer and clippers. Your puppy will get used to being on the grooming table (with a few treats to go with it!) and have a basic health check and a bit of a brush.
  2. During their second visit I will clean their ears, trim their face and feet, clip their nails and they will have a bath and blow dry (essentially an interim groom – see price list).
  3. Their third visit will be a full groom to include styling.

The cost of the puppy package is due on the first visit.

Collection and delivery service

For a small fee, dependent on distance from the salon, I will collect and return your dog.

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